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State-of-the-art LEEWOR
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The Young Reporters

“The Young Reporters” program not only teaches students the principles of reporting, it gives students the opportunity to meet various community leaders and learn to develop interesting conversations on the spot.

Co-Host / Co-Producer Alan Ripa has been working with Bob Fishman on this show for about 5 years.

With Alan’s extensive involvement in the Real Estate Industry for over 35 years Selling Luxury Homes & Mansions, a Piano Recording Artist and  Pilot and crew member flying Airplanes from World War II, Alan brings in a diverse mixture of special guests that have amazing stories to tell and are great to be interviewed by the kids.

Alan is also the comic relief as he interacts with the guests and finds humor when it is not intended makes for funny moments.
The students get to use actual radio equipment at the KFNX 1100AM studio and the shows air weekly on Saturday mornings.

Bob developed “The Young Reporters” program to not only gain practical skills, but help students build confidence for whatever they want to pursue down the road. Over just a few weeks, these young reporters practice by taking turns being a reporter and a special guest. This allows them to understand what it feels like to be on both sides.

“At first, I could only think of one question to ask our special guests, but now I can ask a ton of questions,” said Jose, one of the new young reporters.

When the kids are not in the studio, Bob Fishman and Alan Ripa produce the “Old Version of the Young Reporters” which is quite entertaining as well.  Either way, you will enjoy listing to this show.  

So show up… tune your radios to KFNX 1100 AM every Saturday morning at 6:00 AM and get ready to be entertained.  Like Bob Asks… “What Happen’s when you don’t show up?” “NOTHING” So Show up and Listen!


The Young Reporters Are Ages 7 Years Old & Up
Interviewing  top Professionals
& influencers in a unique
radio experience

Featured Video/Radio Show

Young & Older Version Featured On Channel 3 & 5 Let’s Go Into The Class Room